Three Self Care Ideas To Try in September

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Hello September! Boy am I glad to see you. And not just because summer as a heavily pregnant woman is decidedly NOT fun.

Maybe it’s the months and months that I’ve spent cooped up at home or maybe it’s just leftover from school and university days, but September really does feel like a fresh start for me this year.

So with that in mind, my self care ideas for this month are all about resetting and getting ourselves ready for the months ahead.

Get Organised

I don’t know about you guys but I have done A LOT of procrastination over the past few months (which is totally okay by the way – there is a pandemic raging and all that). But with the arrival of a new month and a new season, I feel an incredible urge to get organised. To sit down and plan out what I want to do and achieve with the last four months of the year.

I usually find myself doing this every couple of months. I sit down with my diary (paper of course – I am OBSESSED with Passion Planner) and a cup of tea and think about what my goals are for the next few months, or even for the next year. I write down everything I need to do to reach those goals, break them down into steps then put them into my diary to keep myself on track and give me a clear picture of how the next few months look.

But it’s not all work / blogging stuff. Think about getting yourself organised in other ways too, for example:

  • Set aside a few hours to sit down and get rid of all that annoying personal admin that’s been bugging you
  • Want to go on a trip in the next couple of months? Schedule some time in and get planning
  • Do a meal plan and online shop so that you’ve always got things in to eat
  • Not had much chance to see your friends this year? Make plans and schedule in some time for socialising too.

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Declutter Your Home

I like to have a big clean out at least once every 6 months. It’s amazing how much stuff I manage to accumulate in my home and decluttering definitely makes my space feel more calm and relaxed. I’m trying to turn my home into a haven. My ‘nest’ if you will. And messiness, dust and clutter does not have a place in it.

When my home is a nice place to be I am so much more productive and feel more at ease.

I’m talking full DEEP clean. Get into all those corners, clean your windows, clear that laundry and get rid of any old paperwork you no longer need.

You can set aside an entire day or weekend and do all of this in one go or break it down into stages – a few hours or a specific room here and there.

I guarantee you will feel refreshed and more ready to tackle the rest of the month afterwards.

Have Your Own At-Home Spa Day

Now for the fun stuff. Especially needed if you’ve just spent a few days organising your life and decluttering your home.

An at home spa day is a relaxing (and Covid-friendly) way to do something nice for you and your body. And a great way to make the most of your new lovely clean house.

Put on some relaxing music or your favourite feel-good film and light some candles to create a bit of atmosphere. Then go full spa – stick on a face mask, exfoliate, try a hair treatment, do your nails, moisturise. A bit of me-time to clear your head and set you up for the month ahead.

Happy Autumn guys!


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