8 Things I Am Looking Forward to Doing When Lockdown Is Over

Jun 8, 2020 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Everything is still uncertain at the moment. How long will lockdown go on? Are we even in lockdown anymore (a very valid question for those of us here in the UK)? Nobody knows when, or even if, a vaccine will be available and the World will return to normal. But we can still plan and look forward to the day it does. Here are the things I am excited about doing when we are finally out of this.

Meeting up With Friends

Since lockdown measures were eased, we have been able to see up to 6 people outdoors but most of us are still being pretty careful. I’ve seen a few friends and family so far but from a distance and I am still unable to see some because they, or their partners, are shielding. I’m just excited for the time when I can pop round to someone’s house for a cup of tea without even thinking about. Or meet up with a Group of people for dinner or drinks.

Eating in a Restaurant

I can’t wait to go out and eat food that isn’t either cooked by me, or a takeaway. I’m going to take a walk to the local pub for a roast dinner or go out for a plate of pasta and a few drinks (mocktails of course with me being pregnant and all that).

Going for a Relaxing Getaway / Babymoon

We won’t be going on our planned road trip around France and Spain this year but I still hope to go on a mini babymoon to Scotland ahead of the baby arriving in October. It may sound strange, given that we’ve spent a large proportion of the year in lockdown, but I want to escape to somewhere totally isolated to relax and unwind somewhere away from home. Nothing fancy, probably just an Airbnb in Scotland or something like that. Fingers crossed we’re able to do that before then.

Getting a Massage

There’s a Thai massage place that I absolutely love where they always manage to sort out my pretzel back. I obviously won’t be going for a Thai massage before the baby arrives because they’re not the most gentle of experiences. But you can bet I’ll be there once I’ve given birth and the World has opened up again.

Going Shopping

Funny how this period as made us appreciate even the smallest of things. As a general rule I don’t enjoy shopping. I try to avoid it and do as much as possible online. But three months into lockdown I am yet to even visit a supermarket so yep, I’m super excited to be able to do that again.

Getting Dressed in Normal Clothes

I’ve spent about 90% of the past few months in leggings and comfy, oversized t-shirts. Because who on earth wears jeans at home right!? And because I don’t currently own a pair of maternity jeans. The only days I’ve ‘dressed up’ have been when I needed a bit of normality and got fully glammed up for the garden. The excitement when I get to smarten up again for an actual outing!

Going to the Cinema

We have a super cute retro cinema close to our new home but didn’t get a chance to visit before lockdown. I’ll definitely be there for a movie and some popcorn when I can.

Going for a Hike in the Countryside

We’ve been walking most days but have been avoiding busy beauty spots because it can be pretty difficult to social distance. Here in Manchester we’re surrounded by areas of natural beauty – the Peak District and Lake District are both short drives away. You can bet I’ll be straight back there when it is safe to be so.


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