How I Want Life to Look Once Lockdown Ends

Jun 22, 2020 | Lifestyle, Mental Health | 0 comments

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to”Dave Hollis

I saw this quote on Instagram some time ago and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Lockdown has been far from easy for anybody. Many of us have battled with health worries, mental health struggles and the removal of simple things we used to take for granted – going out for coffee, a quick trip to Ikea, a night out with friends. And that’s coming from the pretty privileged position of someone who doesn’t know anyone infected or taken seriously ill by Covid.

But lockdown has also brought with it some positives. It forced us all to slow down in a way we never have before and taught us to not take things for granted. I think for many of us, it showed us there is a different way of living.

It certainly did for me. Ever since I saw the quote by Dave Hollis I’ve been thinking about my life before lockdown and my life after. I’ve been thinking about how I want it to look in the future.

For a long time, I’ve been making an effort to feel happy with where I am now, which is something I consider very important for mental health. But in doing so I also sleepwalked into a way of living that wasn’t really fulfilling me. While there were many aspects of my life that were great, there were many that were doing damage to my mental health.

I was drinking too much alcohol, spending hours in a long and stressful daily commute to a job I have no passion for, squandering away my money and doing nowhere near enough travelling. I had stopped actively working on my mental health and eating disorder and had stopped doing any real exercise.

I’m still struggling with some of those things. Lockdown has had a profound effect on my mental health and I’m struggling to focus on improving it but I also have a renewed focus on my future. I guess pregnancy does that to a person.

So back to the quote. What do I want to go back to? What life do I want to create for myself and my family (wow – that feels crazy to say)?

I want to continue living life a little more slowly. Allow myself time to rest and recharge. Find a way to balance the rat race with raising a daughter (another thing that feels pretty crazy to say). To continue to travel the World. To prioritise health and happiness, be more creative and spend more time doing instead of simply thinking about the doing. I want to continue chasing my dreams while also recognising the joy of being in the present moment.

What about you? Which parts of normal are worth rushing back to for you?


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