Body Acceptance – How I Plan to Be Kind to My Body This Summer

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I have tried time and time again to be body positive but I think it’s safe to say that it is going to take some time for me. In the meantime as we head into summer, I plan to instead try to practise more body acceptance.


I recently stumbled across this article which covers a talk by body positive activist Harnaam Kaur. She says that for people suffering from mental health conditions it can be too much to ask for them to be body positive. Instead, we should be encouraging people to simply be kind to their bodies and reach a point of body acceptance.

That really resonated with me because I am not yet at the point where I can look at my body and say that I love it. I can’t put on a bikini or a short summer dress and walk around in it fearlessly. But I am slowly starting to accept my body for the way that it is now.

I hope that I one day reach a point where I am truly body positive, but I also recognise that it’s a process that will take some time.

Summer has always been particularly problematic for me. A time that brought out my worst insecurities. I don’t know if it will be any easier this year, but I intend to at least try.

Wear Clothes That Make Me Look and Feel Amazing

When I feel bad about the way that I look, I have a tendency to try to cover up. To hide my body in layers of clothing. Either that, or I will try to squeeze myself into uncomfortable old clothes in an attempt to prove to myself that I still can.

Neither of those do anything positive for the way I feel about myself.

This summer I am determined to look and feel good. To look in the mirror and actually like the outfit that I am wearing. And that also means wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in. Clothes that fit well and clothes that don’t make me feel too self-conscious.

Stop with the Negative Self Talk Already

I’ve only recently realised just how bloody exhausting it is to spend vast portions of time criticising myself.

The difficulty with this is that a lot of it occurs largely without me knowing it. It is only recently and with the benefit of therapy that I have started to notice it and understand that it is a problem.

I may not be able to look in a mirror and love every part of my body but I will at least work on respecting it and accepting it without my usual self criticism.

Stop Putting My Own Prejudices Onto Other People

This is a pretty difficult thing to admit but another new realisation for me is just how much of my own prejudice I have been projecting onto other people. I have internalised certain views about myself and how I should look for so long but never realised that I was also holding those views about others.

As I have started to work on my own self-esteem, my views towards other people have started to change. Those prejudices have started to fall away and I am now capable of seeing the beauty in everybody. That in turn is helping improve my own views of myself. I am (slowly) starting to see through all my own prejudices and recognise the things that are beautiful about myself, imperfections and all.

Stop Comparing Myself to Others

One of the reasons I struggle with summer so much is the abundance of people who have what I perceive to be perfect bodies, walking around in tiny shorts and strappy tops. My insecurities go into overdrive and I start comparing myself to pretty much anyone and everyone I see. Assessing their beauty and then assessing my own based on how I compare to them.

I stumbled across a beautiful quote on Instagram recently. I am completely unable to find it now but the basic premise was that it is okay to acknowledge another person as beautiful and then acknowledge yourself as beautiful too. There is no need to feel jealous of or less worthy than another person who you think looks good. You can both be beautiful at the same time and in different ways.

I’m going to try to put this into practise this summer. Try to stop comparing myself to other people and appreciate that we are all beautiful in our own ways.

Do Exercise That Makes Me Feel Good

This is another new revelation of mine. I don’t have to hate exercise! I can actually do exercise that makes me feel good and that I actually ENJOY. Shock horror.

Up until last year, I only ever exercised as a way to lose weight. I would push myself and push myself and hate every last second of it. But more recently I have been embracing exercise as something that helps improve my mood and makes my body feel good.

I now enjoy running for the hit of endorphins I feel afterwards. I do yoga on a weekly basis because it helps me relax and keep my body flexible and I do Muay Thai because I enjoy how strong it makes me feel.

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Nourish My Body

I can’t talk about being kind to my body without talking about the importance of eating. For so long I have restricted what I put inside my body. Stressed over it and cried over it and spent hours counting up calories in my head or on whatever new app I could find at the time.

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This summer I intend to eat. And I intend to eat whatever I want. Whether that be a salad or a chocolate bar. To me, I cannot be kind to my body if I am constantly starving it.


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