All the Things Making Me Happy Right Now

May 18, 2020 | Lifestyle, Mental Health | 0 comments

It’s never been quite so important to take joy in the little things and do things to keep ourselves happy. It’s something I’ve been trying to do throughout my entire recovery from depression, not just the last few months of pandemic madness.

So, here are all the little (and big) things keeping me happy at the moment.

1. Being locked down with my boyfriend Dom – Lockdown is significantly easier when you’re spending it with the ones you love. The outside world is incredible anxiety-inducing at the moment but being locked down with Dom has felt a bit like being in our own little bubble and I’m not sure I’m ready for it to end just yet.

2. My puppy Ruby – Just the happiest little pup in the World. She brings us endless joy every single day.

3. Planning for my baby – That small matter of planning for the tiny human we’re bringing into the World in, oh, about four and a half months.

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4. Seeing all the positive things happening in the World – At times over the past few years it’s felt as though the World has been full of nothing but divisiveness and negativity, particularly when it comes to politics. It’s nice for the spotlight to be on some of the good things happening in the World at a time when we all need it. From neighbours helping each other out and front line workers bravely going into work to Colonel Tom Moore raising over £30m for the NHS; it’s uplifting to see some positivity amidst this madness.

5. Food (obvs) – I’ve spent a decent amount of time cooking and baking during this whole lockdown, although not quite as much as I’d expected. But good food has been well and truly getting me through. My latest foray into baking was my attempt at the super fluffy cinnamon rolls from Ambitious Kitchen. If these don’t bring you joy I don’t know what will.

6. Movies, TV series, documentaries – Basically all the TV – I’m doing my fair share of binge watching. Whatever gets you through right!?

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7. Planning future trips – We were planning an epic road trip around France and Spain for our holiday this year. A babymoon to say farewell to my carefree days of no responsibility. That’s obviously unlikely to happen now so instead I’m planning future travels for us to go on which helps keep me a little sane.

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8. My daily walks – a chance to soak up the sunshine, stretch my legs and feel a small sense of normality

9. Books, books, books – I’ve got a whole stack of books ready for reading and lockdown has given me a chance to start making my way through them. My favourite so far has been My Dark Vanessa.

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10. Working on my blog – It’s been a while since I spent so much time on my blog. I’m working on producing more blog posts, actually posting consistently on social media and a new redesign with lots of lovely colours! Can’t wait to finish it!

11. Spring and warmer weather – Thank god we’ve actually had some decent weather to get us through this lockdown. At times, daily walks have been one of the few things keeping me sane. Being able to enjoy them without the usual miserable rainy weather has been a delight.

12. Fresh flowers – I recently discovered Freddie’s Flowers and I’m addicted. Not only do I get regular fresh flowers through the post, but I also get to try my hand at a little flower arranging. A great mindful activity for anyone who struggles with their mental health.

13. My white noise machine – I know, bit of a weird one right? But we’re currently living next to a pretty busy road and my anxiety with regards to the traffic noise has gone through the roof. My white noise machine blocks it out with the sound of relaxing rain storms or streams and crickets. Joy! The one we have is here – I highly recommend as it stays on as long as you want it, whereas many others have timers that cut them off.

14. Britain’s Got Talent – OMG I have recently rediscovered this and I am hooked. It’s been years since I last watched but it’s just so absolutely uplifting. I regularly end up blubbing my heart out. What we all need in these strange times.


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