5 Mental Health Blogs I’m Currently Loving

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Mental health blogs were a real help to me at a time when I was unable to access professional help and wanted to understand what on earth was going on inside my head. They are a pretty useful source of tips for helping manage mental health conditions. The process of reading about another person’s experiences always helps me feel a little less alone.

So, here are my current favourite mental health blogs

Some I have been reading for a while like Grace F Victory and Anxious Lass and others are a more recent addition to my list. Enjoy!

Grace F Victory

I really love Grace Victory. Her blog is a great place to go if you are struggling with your mental health or need some body positive inspiration. She doesn’t post super regularly on her blog but she already has a good collection of posts and is active on Instagram daily.

Fave Post – To the Fat Girl in the Bikini (a pep talk for those of us struggling with self image)

We’re All Mad Here

Claire’s blog is so down to earth it almost feels as though she is having a conversation with you. The posts predominantly focus on anxiety but there are also guest posts from authors talking about a variety of issues from autism to depression. Claire has written a book on how to live with social anxiety.

Fave Post – Self Criticism – Anxiety Baggage (tips on how to fight your inner bully)

Xena Worrier Princess

The posts on Xena Worrier Princess are heartfelt and beautifully written. I find myself getting completely sucked into the stories as they unfold which accurately portray what it is like to live with mental health problems.

Fave Post – Living With Loss Whilst Staying Well (An all too poignant post for me right now about the loss and grief experienced following a miscarriage)

Anxious Lass

Anxious Lass has been going since 2014 so there are a ton of posts and resources to get stuck into if you want to read more about anxiety. The website is absolutely gorgeous and Kelly has also has a downloadable ebook on social anxiety.

Fave Post – I’ll Always Have Suicidal Thoughts Even Though I Am Not Suicidal (suicidal ideations don’t always look the way you think they do)

Depression Warrior

Honesty is an absolute must for any mental health blog and Depression Warrior has it in bucketloads. The posts are honest and relatable accounts of how the writer is feeling and manage to convey a real sense of how mental illness feels. Subjects covered include depression, anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder and addiction.

Fave Post – Is It Laziness or Are You Overwhelmed? (This post perfectly encapsulates some of the thoughts of laziness that I have when I’m feeling overwhelmed and unable to do anything but lie on the sofa bingeing Netflix TV shows)

Bonus Blog Post

Hyperbole and a Half is not a mental health blog but these two posts on depression are just amazing, and so incredibly funny (you can thank me later):

Adventures in Depression
Depression Part 2


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