15 Lockdown Friendly Hobbies to Do at Home

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The Coronavirus crisis means we all have a lot more time on our hands so here are 15 ideas for hobbies to do at home during lockdown.

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1. Paint or Sketch

Get creative and try your hand at painting or sketching. There are loads of tutorial videos on Youtube. I personally love painting along to old Bob Ross videos. Luckily, at the time of writing, Amazon are still delivering in the UK so you can stock up on supplies if you don’t already have them.

2. Learn a Language

Dom and I have decided to use this time to start learning French. Our planned summer road trip around France and Spain likely won’t be happening this year so we hope to hone our skills ready to take the same trip next year. We are using Duolingo but there are loads of other language learning apps available too.

3. Listen to a Podcast

Use this time to discover a new podcast…or three. I’m completely into true crime podcasts at the moment (my favourites are My Favorite Murder and True Crime Garage) but I also love listening to the amazing interviews on The Joe Rogan Experience.

4. Learn a New Skill

Always wanted to take writing lessons or want to learn how to edit videos? There are loads of great online resources to help get you started. Skillshare has loads of online classes in different subjects and offers a 2 month free trial.

5. Start a Blog

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while there is literally no better time to do it. Even if your subject is not particularly lockdown-friendly, e.g. a travel blog, you can still use this time to learn about blogging, get it set up and start writing about past experiences and future plans.

6. Try Your Hand at Calligraphy

I’ve wanted to try calligraphy for so long as an extra little creative outlet. It’s a perfect way to wile away a few hours on a slow afternoon.

7. Do Some Meditation

If you’ve never tried mediation then I strongly urge you give it a go. All you need is a few minutes here and there but it helps to ground you and keep you calm and relaxed at a time when, let’s face it, we all need it. I absolutely love the Headspace and Calm apps.

8. Take up Photography

You might not be able to go out and photograph those sweeping vistas at the moment, but there are plenty of things you can snap at home to start practising those photography skills. Your pet, food, your home (shelfie anyone?), portraits of you and your family, sunsets from your garden. Use this time to learn how to work with light and composition.

9. Try a New Exercise

With gyms closed and some people completely unable to go out, it can be difficult to keep in shape in the way you normally would. It’s time to get creative with your exercise. Try out some new online workouts – there are loads available from HIIT classes to online yoga – and you may just find a new passion.

10. Learn to Cook or Bake

Got a recipe you’ve been meaning to try out for a while or fancy trying your hand at some of those extravagant Great British Bake Off cakes? This is a perfect time to get in the kitchen and start experimenting.

11. Try Your Hand at Gardening

We’re having a pretty sunny Spring here in the UK so, if you have one, take advantage and get out in the garden. I’ve always wanted to learn how to grow my own vegetables so I always have something fresh on hand. Something like Rocket grows really quickly so you can have some fresh veg on hand in as little as 6 weeks. Also a perfect way to limit the amount of stuff you need to buy at the supermarket.

12. Read More

Curl up with a good book and start making your way through that reading list. If you need some inspiration on what to read, check out the Seven Books on My Spring Reading List.

13. Play Board Games

I don’t know about you, but we only tend to play board games at Christmas. But these are strange times we are living in and we have a lot of empty hours to fill so the board games are well and truly out. We make a big pot of tea or coffee and spend a few hours getting competitive.

Our current favourite is 7 Wonders: Duel which is specifically made for two players.

14. Catch up on Movies

Grab yourself some snacks and cosy up on the sofa for a cinema night.

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15. Plan Your Future Travels

Okay so not sure if this counts as a ‘hobby’ per se (although I could easily turn travel planning into a hobby), but it’s important to have something to look forward to when this is all over. Whether that’s a weekend away, a two week holiday or a longer trip. Use this time to gather inspiration for your next destination and plan something epic.


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